Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lemon Berry Cobbler

I can usually make sweets and treats, sample them and then move on.  But this dessert...this dessert right here...I could have eaten the entire pan.  All of it.  Gone. need to make this (and then please bring some to my house for me too...thanks.).

It's simple, it's yummy, it's like everything I love in life in one bowl.

Shopping List
1 (10 oz) package of frozen raspberries (or mixed berries, whichever you prefer!)
1 (21 oz) can of blakberry pie filling
1 lemon cake mix
1 stick butter, melted
Ice cream, optional

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Grease (I used Pam) a 9x13 baking dish.

Spread your  frozen berries across the bottom of your baking dish.  Next, spoon your pie filling on top of the frozen berries and then sprinkle over the box of dry cake mix.   Finally, drizzle the melted butter over everything.

Bake uncovered 55-60 minutes.  

Remove from oven and serve immediately (with a little ice cream if you so desire).

So good.  So, so, so, so good.

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Haley @ Cupcakes and Sunshine said...

Ooooh wow! I'm excited to try this one!

Renae said...

Looks good, I think I saw a similar recipe but instead of the butter it said pour a can of Sprite over it. I'm going to try this one out.

graceandloveblog said...

Yum!!! This makes me swoon!! I love a good cobbler. ��

Ali Philbrook said...

Tried this dish tonight after dinner! It was so, so easy and yummy. I ended up using blueberry pie filling because my local grocery store didn't carry blackberry, and it still turned out great! Thanks for sharing :)

Jaren said...

This combination sounds great! I always make the apple version because it's my husband's favorite, but I NEED to try this one!

Brandie said...

Making this today for my sis in law's dad who just returned home from hospital. Just checking... The frozen berries are sweet enough? You did not sprinkle sugar on them or the top? Love your recipes!!

Mix and Match Mama said...

The cake mix makes the berries sweet enough. Enjoy!

Suz said...

My hair stylist is about to have a baby and I want to make a few freezer meals for her. Could I make this up to the point of putting it into the oven, and then freeze it. Then she could take it out and let it thaw a bit and then bake it from there?? Do you think that would work?

Mix and Match Mama said...

I wouldn't freeze this recipe. With the butter and the can of pie filling, I don't think it would freeze well.

Deena said...

Oh so delicious! Made this tonight and we loved it! Thanks!

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