Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Day Brownies

I call these "every day brownies"...why?  Because I eat one every single day.  At night, after my kiddos are asleep, hubs and I sit down and watch some sort of reality TV (whether it be a Real Housewives, The Bachelor, Selling New York...something) and eat a brownie.  There are some days when the brownie is a nice ending to a fantastic day and then there are other days, when the brownie is the only thing that went right that day.  Regardless, it's always delicious and so, so easy.  You just might have one every day yourself.

It's "girl math" I know...but I always start with a low-fat brownie mix.  It just helps me justify the "brownie a day" thing.  However, pick brownie mix that's your favorite.

We add 1/3 cup of butterscotch chips.  So many people have tasted my brownies and said, "I don't even like butterscotch but I love these".  Honestly, try it with the butterscotch at least once.  After that, mix and match with your favorite vice...dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, dried cranberries...the possibilities are endless.

Shopping List
1 box of preferred brownie mix
1/3 cup butterscotch chips (or whatever fancies you)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Grease an 8 inch square casserole dish with Pam (regardless of what your brownie box says, use an 8" just makes them so much better!)

Prepare brownie mix according to instructions on back of box, then fold in 1/3 cup of butterscotch chips.

Bake 37 minutes...I know that's specific but I've made these brownies at least 100 times...37 minutes is always perfect.  You want them slightly under-done.  Makes 12 brownies (depending on how big you cut them).

Some days, vanilla bean ice cream and butterscotch topping can take an every day brownie and turn it into something extraordinary.

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Candice Ibarra said...

Does the low fat mix taste just as good as the regular mix? If so that's a great alternative and I'd feel better about eating this AND starbucks everyday! lol

Mix and Match Mama said...

Hi Candice@ I think the low-fat brownies taste close enough...I'm picky about using fat-free and low-fat stuff but in this instance, if you add in some chocolate chips or something and under-cook them a few minutes, you will think they're delicious! Have a great weekend!

Candice Ibarra said...

Ok great, i'll be sure to try them out this weekend! I hope you and your family have a great weekend as well!

Melissa Nichols said...

I love this! Thanks so much for making me feel like it's okay to have a dessert everyday because you're fit and beautiful!

New follower to both of your blogs after running across Shaeffer mention you in a post.

Melissa :)

Erin said...

I agree with Melissa! I feel so much better about eating a sweet every night, I can't help myself!

Allison Schentrup said...

Hi Shay,

What do you do with the brownies if the batch makes 12? Do you feel like the later days are sort of stale?

Mix and Match Mama said...

Andrew and I each have one a night, so we just keep them covered and munch on them all week. If you eat the center last, it will not be stale (because the center is always more moist). They're just a little treat for each night!

Kim Taylor said...

I just made these today and baked for exactly 37 minutes!! Perfection! Thank you for letting me know (via facebook message) that you baked them at 350 deg on regular bake! That made all the difference!

Laura said...

Lovelovelove this idea. In the oven as I type!

Obsessed with all your posts, especially updates on your perfect family. ❤️

Anonymous said...

Do you still use this same recipe?! I have to know!!! :)

Mix and Match Mama said...

Every single week :)

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